Monday, May 23, 2011

One more thing to work on

My posture.  I need to work on squaring my shoulders and back and down and bending my hips.  I've noticed my back hurts when i curve my back.  I know it sounds like common sense but I think we just get in the bad habits of slouching and then after several years notice that it just hurts and then you have to retrain yourself!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meatless Monday Menu

So in conjunction with my previous post, we have stuck to the menu so far this week.  We've had garlic spaghetti, hamburgers with fries, chipotle pork chops, potato bar and sweet and sour chicken.  This is from Friday until today.  I had to have darling hubby bring milk home yesterday and we ran out for soda yesterday but that's been it for spending.  We've stuck to menu, sorta stuck to budget.  It's going to work out!!  Now I just need to get my coupons in order and make that work!!!  Going tomorrow, so wish me luck.  More budget blogs coming soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekly Menu/Meal Planning

Zach helped me make up this week's menu.  We try to plan it by day but mostly we just go by the week so that if something doesn't work for a particular day we just choose something else off the menu.  So in no particular order:

Garlic Spaghetti with salad (our meatless meal)
Chipoltle Pork Chops with baked beans (not my choice but the boys LOVE beans.  of course)
Grilled Chicken
Hamburgers and steak fries
Swiss Steak
Chicago Dogs

Yum!  Do you menu plan?  I think it helps with budget.  Not so far with me though, but I could see how it could.  I'm planning on it but just haven't made that committment yet. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, May 21st will be the first day of the rest of my life!

That's because Friday the 20th will be my last day of work until August.  Ok, technically I will work 3 hours a week, but, really it's just to check messages and email, so who's counting it?  Anyway, that's the day I will  start doing a few things I've been wanting to do, a few things I've been putting off.  I'll start watching what and how I eat.  I'll be watching the budget more carefully.  Because I will have time to do so. 

I will create things.  I will plant a garden.  I will clean and organize my linen closet.  I will gut the downstairs bathroom.  I will cancel my satellite tv subscription and clean up the puddle the boys will surely disolve into once they can't watch sports center every morning.  I will scrapbook and paint with watercolors.  I'll cut coupons and start a stockpile of certain things and reach my goal of being the coupon maven of Minden.  Actually, that is the only goal I'm afraid of not reaching.  This town doesn't make it easy to be a coupon shopper.  You gotta drive a distance to get any deals.  But, it is a goal.  So...... let the fun begin!

On May 21st.