About Me

I'm large and in charge.  No, seriously.  I have a weight issue and I run this family.  My husband is like the Queen of England.  Just a figurehead.  He'll even tell you so.  Together, the Queen and I have 2 wonderful boys, 3 groovy dogs (ok, really only 1 is groovy and that is Rex.  Jerry is cool but he's like the jail house bitch - the other 2 keep trying to hump him.  And then there is Daisy.  I thought it would be really cool to have a small dog that would just love me and want to be my little baby girl.  I got all that and it's super annoying.  And the Queen won't let me dress her which is a huge bummer!) and a house in a small town.  There are lots of big fish in this little pond we live in and I have major issues with it.  But that's another blog entirely!  I digress.  There is so much more about me and the reasons for how I came to be such a blob.  It would take pages and pages and lots of time on an overpriced therapists couch to explain/figure it all out. 

So let me just say what this blog is about.  I have the summer off of work and I intend to use the summer to get my life in order.  It's a big project to tackle but I'm breaking it off into smaller, bite size pieces and making it manageable.  I'm debating on whether to make this just a food/diet type of blog or if it's going to cover the whole lifestyle change which would include budget and finances, something else I/we struggle with.  Long story...bear with me.

My darling 11 year old, Z, came up with the name Leafy Greens before he even knew what the blog was going to be about.  Thank you Z.  He will be helping me with design and even wants to guest post.  So here we are:    
Me and the boys on Mother's Day.
And here's us a few years ago, including the Queen.
I should probably not call him that.  He's soooo not a Queen at all.  He's the biggest guy guy I know.

So there you have it....About Me.  Squishy on the outside, jumbled, disorganized, lifeless mess.  Follow along for the pure entertainment of it! :)  lol